Greencane Paper is a sustainable solution that offers businesses the opportunity to recycle a waste product and help reduce the deforestation of our planet. All Greencane’s paper products are made primarily from recycled sugarcane and fast-renewable bamboo and use only plastic-free and compostable packaging.


Perfect for businesses wanting an environmental solution. Each roll is a soft, white paper and extra long at 300 sheets, 100% fast-biodegradable with 2 ply quality.

Product Code – GC48W
48 rolls - each 300 sheets; 2 ply quality

Midi Jumbo Toilet Paper

Our Midi Jumbo Toilet Paper is a soft and sustainable 2 ply paper with a dispenser option ensuring workplace hygiene and cost-saving control.

Product Code – GCAJT
8 rolls – each 230 metres
2 ply quality

Slim Fold Towels

A quality white paper with 80% recycled sugarcane and bamboo fibres. Available with a no fail dispenser and a focus on one towel at a time usage.

Product Code – GCCSM
20 Packs – each 200 sheets
sheet size 22cm x 21 cm

Facial Tissues

Sneeze and make a difference! with our plastic free and conveniently sized box of tissues. A white and soft 2 ply tissue which is allergy sensitive with no fragrances or perfumes.

Product Code – GCFACIAL

Total of 24 boxes per box
Each box 90 sheets, 2 ply quality

Interfold Tissue

A quality, ultra-soft and interfolded 2 ply tissue solution for childcare and other specialist locations.

Product Code – GCNIL
36 packs – each 250 sheets
sheet size 10cm x 10cm

Auto Cut Paper Towel Roll

Our double strength single-ply auto cut roll is ideally suited for volume usage where portion control is important. This paper towel roll delivers a competitive workplace solution.

Product Code – GCAUTO
6 rolls – each 165 metres

Wiper Centrefeed Roll

This 2 ply tissue wiping system gives the flexibility to choose each sheet size and delivers a low lint quality wiper solution.

Product Code – GCWIPER
4 rolls – each 160 metres