Five reasons why
Bamboo is environmentally friendly

The most amazing thing about bamboo is how fast it grows. It takes only a year to become a harvestable crop, whereas the trees used in other toilet paper can take more than 15 years to grow.

Bamboo is an excellent carbon sink – able to sequester four times as much carbon dioxide as trees.

Growing bamboo is great for hillside soil conservation, especially when compared to forestry, which leads to extensive land scarring, loss of topsoil and silted waterways.

Bamboo supports rural communities, offering a viable crop for smaller landowners and, being so light, causing minimal wear on roads and transport systems.

Using bamboo instead of trees in single-use products, including Greencane toilet paper, helps reduce deforestation. Worldwide, an area of forest the size of Sri Lanka is chopped down every year, and a quarter of those trees go into paper products.