Our Story



Greencane Paper is a tree saving solution for a group of everyday products


In 2009 when Geoff and Helen Arden launched Greencane Paper, “it was never as much about starting a business as it was about asking the question “why is so much valuable timber going into low value products like toilet paper and paper towels?” It is wrong that we grow trees for 20 to 30 years to end up as toilet paper when there is a sustainable alternative.”



“As Founders, we are immensely proud that Greencane has now grown to be in over 6 countries and has 1000’s of everyday customers. Looking back over the last few years we know this would not have been possible without the dedication of our team and the support shown by Greencane, stockists and the impact our customers create by each of their purchases”






Why sugarcane and bamboo fibre?


Both sugarcane and bamboo are a type of grass, they are fast growing in tropical regions and are farm harvested on an annual basis.  The farming of sugarcane and bamboo has an extremely low impact requiring few inputs other than sun and water.


No Plastic


Greencane’s packaging commitment is to be Plastic Free and 100% biodegradable. For our packaging we use a combination of cardboard and paper, and a clear cellophane which is a plant based material able to be composted.



“By choosing Greencane Paper each time you shop you send a powerful message on how we value our environment and for us to be a part of this is amazing.”