Join the journey to a plastic free and sustainable paper, made from fast growing bamboo.

Get the advantages of one of our home delivered boxes or available from your local organics store, also we have a business range for those organisations wanting to make a simple eco swap.

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With Greencane Founder
Geoff Arden



Why bamboo


Discover why we use bamboo
as an environmentally friendly
alternative to trees



GMO & PFAS free. No inks, fragrances or plastic.  

No chlorine bleach. Vegan friendly and FSC sourced.

GMO & PFAS free. 
No inks, fragrances or plastic.
No chlorine bleach.
 Vegan friendly. 

How do I buy Greencane?

This was the first no plastic toilet paper we found affordable for a delivered box of 48 rolls and no packaging, other that the cardboard box it arrives in.

Our first order was last month and we have been really impressed with the quality. As a family we are making small eco swaps each week.

I cannot recommend Greencane paper highly enough. I’m trying to be completely plastic free and this sustainable tissue is delivered to your door. Fabulous!

Just to say a huge thanks for what you are doing. We buy your paper products and it’s all good. So happy you’re around, with your help we have a clear conscience and can sleep at night.